Cosmetic Dentist in St Peters MO Discusses Smile Improvements

June 3, 2016

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cosmetic dentist in st peters moIf you’ve noticed your peers smiling a bit brighter lately, cosmetic dentistry may be to thank. Today’s offerings include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and more to help you enjoy dazzling teeth and a more confident smile. Cosmetic dentistry is an affordable, accessible option. Dr. Krista Cayo, your cosmetic dentist in St Peters MO, can help uncover your most attractive smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Improves Smile Confidence

Patients are often surprised how much we can do to make their teeth sparkle — and just how significant even the smallest improvements can be. At Cayo Dental Care, we offer porcelain veneers, metal-free restorations, direct bonding, and professional teeth whitening treatments.

Porcelain Veneers

Teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained, misshapen, or all of the above are improved with beautiful, natural-looking veneers. Made of porcelain, a material that looks and feels like natural tooth enamel, dental veneers in St Peters MO are bonded directly onto the front surface of the teeth that show when you smile. Porcelain veneers restore or enhance the size, shape, and color of imperfect teeth, and are typically completed in just two visits to the dentist.

Dental Crowns

When decay or damage affect the way a tooth looks and functions, a dental crown in St Peters MO can provide an effective solution. The dental crown is a thin covering (commonly called a “cap”) that surrounds a damaged tooth. At Cayo Dental Care, we are proud to use metal-free restorations. A dental crown made of beautiful zirconia is easily blended to match the rest of your smile, and it’s strong for a durable, long-lasting restoration.

Direct Bonding

When small improvements can make the biggest difference, direct bonding is an excellent alternative to more costly treatments, like porcelain veneers or crowns. This method uses a composite resin to correct slight imperfections, like chips, gaps, stains, and other issues affecting the front teeth. A quick, painless treatment, direct bonding is completed in just one visit to the dentist’s. There is no anesthesia required with direct bonding.

Teeth Whitening

After years of exposure to coffee, tea, and other dark foods and beverages have taken their toll on the shade of your teeth, teeth whitening provides a necessary smile rejuvenation. Cayo Dental Care can set you up with a custom-fit at-home whitening kit for professional results. The average treatment is worn for half an hour each night over a period of two weeks, with results up to eight shades whiter.

Ready For Your Best Smile? Contact Us Today!

Don’t wait to get started with cosmetic dentistry! Dr. Cayo and the team at Cayo Dental Care can’t wait to help you reveal your most beautiful smile. Contact us to schedule your appointment today!

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